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General Terms & Conditions of Sales - Public Training Sessions for Sigmafine registered online

These general terms and conditions are applicable to Sigmafine Training Sessions booked on line by Buyer at  No change in these General Terms and Conditions may be made unless it is the subject of a written agreement, distinct from any purchase order or other printed form, between Pimsoft and the Buyer.

1. Governing Agreement

The delivery of this training is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable Software License and Services Agreement (“SLSA”) executed between Licensee/Buyer and Pimsoft Inc. 

2. Confirmation of registration

Registration for training is not a confirmation that the Training Session will be held at the scheduled date(s). Based on projected attendance, Pimsoft reserves the right to amend or cancel any Training Session, Training Session times and dates or published prices.  A Training Session may be cancelled, postponed or confirmed up to three weeks (3) prior to its start date.  When a Training Session is cancelled, registered participants will be offered an alternative date for the same Training Session, a credit towards another Training Session or a refund.   Consequently, we recommend that registered participants do not make non-reimbursable travel or accommodation arrangements before this time.  Any travel or accommodation costs incurred are entirely the delegate’s responsibility.  Pimsoft does not accept any liability for reimbursement of any costs incurred whatsoever in relation to its public training sessions.

3. Invoicing

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Pimsoft will invoice Buyer no later than 15 days following a) the registration f the training class is confirmed or b) when the training class is confirmed. For training delivered in Milan, invoicing will be by Pimsoft S.p.A.  and training delivered in Houston will be invoiced by Pimsoft Inc.

4. Payment terms

Payment term is net cash 30 days after invoicing date.

5. Currency

The prices are in US dollars.

6. Payment Method

If you are making a booking online, you can pay by credit card or asked to be billed. If the “Bill me” method is chosen, the invoice will be addressed to the student’s employer. For training delivered in Milan, invoicing will be by Pimsoft S.p.A.  and training delivered in Houston will be invoiced by Pimsoft Inc.

8. Taxes

Prices quoted are exclusive of any sales or value add-taxes(VAT) which will be shown separately on the invoice.

9. Instructions

Instructions regarding the venue details, start times and other requirements will be sent out by email to the attending student 10 (ten) days before the course.

10. Copyright

All materials (“Pimsoft Materials”) provided for Pimsoft Training Sessions including graphics, code, text products, software are owned by Pimsoft or Pimsoft’ third party Training Session providers. No content in whole or in part of the Pimsoft Materials may be copied, reproduced, uploaded, posted, displayed, linked to or used in any way without the prior written permission of Pimsoft. 

11. Cancellation by Customer

Where a class is confirmed and is subsequently cancelled by the customer, the customer will be liable for the following charges.

-            Over 5 weeks No charge

-            2 – 5 weeks 20% charge or credit for a future course valid for 1 year from the cancellation date

-            2 – 0 weeks 50 % charge  

All cancellations must be received in writing. Please submit cancellation requests to


Registered student substitution may be made at any time with written notice given to Pimsoft.